Thursday, November 22, 2007

A written language which I never mastered

After High School i waited a semester before diving in to college. I had made up my mind that i was going to major in music, but at the end of summer in 1982 i felt like i needed a semester to cleanse me of High School before sitting in a classroom again. So in January 1983 i began my music education at Phoenix Community College, having enrolled in Choir, Music Theory 101 and Class Piano 101. I had never played piano before so i knew it was going to be a shock to my self-taught guitar rocking self.

And that it was. I had to start learning how to read and write music notation. And although i was really in to it, it was a definite challenge for me. Unfortunately i never gave myself enough time to get comfortable and become proficient at it. After the one semester i decided that i'd rather save music as my haven from the academic world, and so i switched my focus to other things.

Above is the first piece that i wrote during my piano class, although i can't remember if it was ever submitted and graded as an assignment. I think it was just something i wrote down with which i had been noodling on the $50 electronic piano that i bought so i could practice at home. I wonder what it would sound like? I suppose it would probably be a challenge for someone to decipher since my notation skills at that point were pretty sketchy.

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nylonthread said...

I'm rusty but can sight read; bring it by next time you're over. Does that say "whale song?" If so, that explains the long rests and unusual intervals.

I'll guess that it sounds somewhat ethereal and needs lots of sustain pedal...