Sunday, November 4, 2007

Phil's Poetry part 2

What delight
Imagination censors time
The licence permitted has introduced a result
a phenomenon of freedom

The subject is
In the galleries of words
The entire subject
Continually living to solve
It suffers greater freedom

source material:

What delight the poetic imagination takes in making game of censors. Time was when the poetic arts codified the licences to be permitted. Contemporary poetry, however, has introduced freedom in the very body of the language. As a result, poetry appears as a phenomenon of freedom. - Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space, Introduction

The speaking subject is the entire subject. - Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

...Lonely prospector in the galleries of words. - J.B. Pontalis

We are continually living a solution of problems that refection cannot hope to solve. - J.H. Van den Berg

Poetry constantly surpasses its origins, and because it suffers more deeply in ecstacy or in sorrow, it retains greater freedom. - Pierre-Jean Jouve


Groove Momma said...

Never seen this before! What a cool way to write a poem.

TFO said...

thanks. i got the idea from a musician/poet/graphic artist named Peter Blegvad. He was in a avante garde pop band called Slapp Happy in the 70's, has had a solo career ever since (albeit not terribly prolific), and was also in The Golden Palominos for a while.

He wrote a brilliantly intellectual comic strip called Leviathan for a British newspaper and has even been employed by the Charles Schultz empire to illustrate Peanuts comics.

The first time i ever saw this method of extracting words/phrases from other sources to create lyrics/poems was on a project called The Lodge which featured Blegvad and his long time musical protege and ex-Henry Cow bassist John Greaves.

That's probably more explaination than you digress.
but thanks for the kudo!