Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sad that Miss Kosiwa is gone

Thea's daycare teacher moved to Canada last week. i meant to post this
picture then but i forgot. She is an awesome teacher and we wish Liam
would be getting the benefit of her wonderful care before he leaves
daycare. But alas she is gone. Here she is on her last day with Liam,
Thea, and friends Thalia and Ashley. We miss you Miss Kosiwa!

Thea at Wheaton Regional Park

Liam got on the elephant's back too, but my wife got that picture on
her phone. The kids had a blast in the park, riding the train and the
carousel, and having pizza and cake at a birthday party for Pierce,
son of our friends Julia and Brandon.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Van Der Graff Generator

a British progressive rock band with a German name. They shredded a
set last night in Falls Church, Virginia at the State Theatre.
Amazingly powerful and majestic, beautiful and evocative.

VDGG taking their bows

(L-R) Guy Evans (drums), Peter Hammill (el. piano, guitar & vocal),
Hugh Banton (el. keyboards, devices & bass pedals)

Hugh Banton

His command of keyboards as well as effects and Bass Pedals was simply
amazing. The band plays incredibly complex and exacting rock with nods
to jazz, minimalism, and art music, but of course centers on
progressive rock.

Peter Hammill

Tall and lanky, he went from electric piano to guitar at different
points in the show, and his playing and singing was excellent, as was
the playing of the other two members of VDGG.

Van Der Graff Generator

Guy Evans and Hugh Banton

Van Der Graff Generator

Peter Hammill and Guy Evans

Friday, June 5, 2009

my swimmers

they both are big fans of the pool now. Liam is a recent convert, and
Thea an old pro!