Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Phil's Poetry part 8

Rotary Carbuncle Rooner *

Climey Toad bought some detergent
brought it with him to the party
everybody ate some pickles
and then they all went dancing at the Sheraton

filled in his mind was
the name of a famous Governor
time healed on so slowly
that he found he was almost out of it

as the night wore on
he discovered he was making
more and more sense
additive like boysenberries
preservative more like common experience

Climey sought the secrets of young life
and by nightfall
the next volleyball game had just started

although he didn't feel he was missing much
he either felt left out
or maybe that others would feel
left out by his absence

big things were falling now
and Climey looked up from his toes
and noticed not only that
he wasn't dead but also that
things don't change much
from moment to moment

"urgh" he belched
thereby being reminded of the pickles

* title by Bob Crain


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thanks. another free verse, non-sequitor type of thing.