Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brian Eno talks about Hugo Largo

I have this promotional tape, called "Brian Eno Wants You To Hear Something"*, which i got when i worked in a record store in the mid-80s. It's of Brian Eno talking about the band Hugo Largo on the eve of the release of their second album, Mettle. The fact that he made this recording at all is a testament to his immense interest in, and support of, the band. It's certainly not the kind of thing he would do in support of his own records. At times he sounds a bit uncomfortable, especially while laughing at something he has said, as though he was speaking to someone while recording it. But mostly he is sincere, eloquent, and insightful. His remarks touch on many interesting areas regarding music as an art form.

*If the copyright holder of these recordings wishes me to remove the excerpts i've posted i will do so.

Eno on Mettle 1
Eno on Mettle 2
Eno on Mettle 3
Eno on Mettle 4
Eno on Mettle 5


Creamy Center said...

I can't wait to listen to this--thanks for posting this! Hugo Largo are one of those great groupds that wasn't around nearly long enough. Tim Sommer (the bassist among other things) produced a couple of Drunken Boat albums, doncha ya know?

TFO said...

yeah Drunken Boat wasn't round long enough either...word. Tim Sommer's name on the first full length was what piqued my interest in Drunken Boat. Didn't Hahn Rowe engineer it too?

FortDax said...

is there any chance at all you'd be willing to repost this? i've been after it for years, just came across your page and...pfft! gone!


TFO said...

@fortdax, sorry, i changed servers and haven't thought to repost that. Check back and I will try to do it as soon as I can.

FortDax said...

thank-you very much! - i really appreciate that.

TFO said...

@fortdax I must apologize once again for my inaction. I really had the best intentions of posting the Eno stuff for you, but haven't got around to figuring it out. I will gladly send you an audio disc of this material if you would send your address or PO Box. You are in the states right?

I'm sorry again that I have flaked out...

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