Sunday, April 28, 2013

Community fun in downtown Silver Spring

We were having ice cream at Ben & Jerry's on Ellsworth Ave when Thea noticed a woman dancing in the park across Fenton Street. She wanted to go check it out, especially when we saw a guy drawing on the sidewalk next to the dancer.

When we approached, the dancer was frozen in a pose, but then came to life suddenly, reaching a few steps away for two pieces of sidewalk chalk, which she duly, and rather ceremoniously, offered to Thea and Liam.

Thea took a piece without reservation, huge smile on her face, and found a place on the ground to begin.


She drew me with my fedora (a Christmas gift from her) and my "manpurse" - she notices defining details - sign of a true artist!

Liam and Thea

She depicted herself as smaller in proportion to her brother, and depicted him as "Alien Liam."

Portrait of a Day in Silver Spring, Md

Liam finally drew something, too

At first he was shy, but then he got into some sidewalk chalking action, too.

"it's a fly" says Liam

Where it all happens

drawn in "hot pink" no doubt

A Little Girl's World

The final message

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On the way to The Croods

The kids pretended to drive the bus in a mall arcade (the machine wasn't working) on the way to seeing The Croods last Sunday. The movie was awesome and the kids had a blast, until they got cranky after the movie. Who would have known that popcorn and fruit punch isn't a nutritious lunch? They weren't hungry when I tried to feed them afterwards. It was all good though!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Last weekday of Spring Break...

...and where do we go biking? The kids' school, of course! :-)

Rest break

Ready for action!