Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Little Man!


Kelly O said...

That is SUCH a cute picture!

TFO said...

yeah he's a cute little guy alright.

C. said...

He looks so mesmerized and serious - as though the fate of the free world depends upon blowing out those candles.

I was looking through the pictures of Liam and Thea - a sort of "over the years" retrospective. Thea has, quite naturally, changed as all children change as they go from birth to child. The most notable part of her growing is how graceful she has become. Her body is so tight and athletic. If she weren't going to be so tall, she would make a marvelous gymnast/ballerina. (It is much harder to twist a six foot tall body into a flying whatever than it is a 5 foot tall body.)

Liam - well, I would love to compare his "birth to now" reality to one of those "age progression" software programs. But OH and AH!!! The developmental changes of his facial and body bone structure is nothing compare to his mind.