Saturday, November 24, 2007

Phil's Poetry part 7

This was inspired by Captain Beefheart

Open Nine to Deathbed

open nine to deathbed
aerial nerve gas precedes dawn rain
bat my eyelids!
went outside to brush
my teeth with a bic razor
and watch the moons fall
felt like a toadstool
pigeons on my lawn
grass growin' slow
and blowin' a blow
someone said to open the door so i did
bat my eyelids!
at my bilids!
mat eye libids!
tar me baby cats in my bed
sleepin' kitty litter dreams
sittin' on a barstool
with my donut pillow
barstool pigeon on the lawn
squawin' a squaw
and clawin' a claw
please me baby please me
be me maybe fer a little while
blue tile beak smile
beak smile country mile
pigeon bile
fleak fleak fleak his little beak
as he flies a country mile
through the aerial nerve gas

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