Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some days seem such trials

We visited the Air and Space Museum today. After finding a perfect parking place at about 11:30, it immediately dawned on me that I had no meter change. So, "change" of plan - have lunch out and come back with meter money.

We hit McDonalds at Crystal City (the kids' choice of course) and the cashier refused to give me change for a ten. Ok, great customer service. After that magnificent lunch we rolled around the corner to 7-Eleven to find their parking lot insanely small and jammed with cars parked behind other cars, with only metered spaces left otherwise on the street.

Finally managed to get 8 quarters from the gas station attendant next door, then waded through blocked up traffic, thanks to construction on the 14th Street Bridge, back to Air and Space. My 8 quarters got me 1 frakkin hour of parking.

We made the best of our hour (see picture of kids waiting to see the Skylab interior), before getting back to the car with 1 minute to spare. There you go, not everything went badly.

The mirrored wall behind the kids, by the way, is the exterior of Skylab. After returning home, we watched Ice Age, had pulled pork sandwiches, and as I type, the kids are in their bath while my friend Bob waits for me downstairs. We're gonna hang out tonight and talk and maybe watch a movie.