Friday, February 16, 2007

Freedom to Marry Week Feb. 11, 2007

The "Right" just needs to get their noses, and the rest of themselves, out of other peoples' business. Equity issues trump religious morality issues as far as i can tell. The fact is everyone needs to be treated fairly and equally under the law in this country and it shouldn't (can't) matter if you are muslim or catholic, straight or gay, person of color or not.

Equal rights is not an agenda. It's what this country boasts is the right way to live. And it is. The anti-gay-marriage people are just more a-holes with agendas. If they love living in a country with freedoms, then that freedom has to apply to everyone, otherwise they should just go find (or found) a nice totalitarian state where all are white, self-righteous, homophobic snobs like themselves.

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