Friday, February 16, 2007

Equality for All Feb. 12, 2007

This is Day Two of Freedom to Marry Week. My wife had a great idea to celebrate and cerebrate online with a blog posting on the subject each of the seven days. Yesterday was my opening rant concerning what i see as the main philosophical/political tenet behind the issue.
Today i'd like to rant some more, but first i'll point attention to the organization behind "Freedom to Marry Week". Oddly enough it's called Freedom to Marry and can be found at Check it out and let's support freedom in America (and indeed in the rest of the World, too).

The right wing wackos and greedheads who call themselves Christian (but aren't) want to legislate their own twisted version of Morality, on a variety of issues of which this is one, to keep themselves in power. That's been their M.O. since before History started being written. It's just more White Patriarchal Kaka coming down through the ages.

As usual, the Right is Wrong!

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