Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thea and Liam's first song collaboration

My kids made up a nonsense song one day when they went to Watkins Park. According to Kelly, Liam started singing something that sounded like "Butchy-Boo, I see you" to which Thea at some point spontaneously added "Wiki-Wiki Farfle!"

So now almost everytime we take a car ride somwhere, we inevitably end up singing this. Thea has even started playing conductor and pointing to us to say different parts. Today was no exception as we drove to the grocery store and back.

Those little cuties have their differences, but under it all they love each other so much. Here they are again holding hands on the way to pick up a quick dinner from the burger joint with the scary king for a mascot.


Kelly O said...

They are SO CUUUUUTE!!!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Love it.

Groove Momma said...

This is adorable!

TFO said...

it's one of those moments where it's all worth the chaos and stress.