Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The New Model of Music Business

Discipline Global Mobile, or DGM, is the home of King Crimson and assorted KC alumni. It's a label that was formed to support the artistic endeavors of Robert Fripp (and friends) and thereby sidestep the usual Music Industry model of greed and artistic indifference. Fripp was financially jerked around by his former management/label EG Records and was robbed of a lot of money through the years by bad (non-existent) accounting.

DGM was formed, and is informed, by a philosophical analysis of what it is that musicians do, and expect, and how that relates to their audience. It is a forward way of thinking and doing business. It seeks to give credit where credit is due, and to fairly compensate everyone involved in the process of making music. And it is more sensitive to the needs of its audience.


Kelly O said...

It's interesting how many musicians are opting out of the corporate machine.

TFO said...

it's inevitable, but it takes time to motivate people. The more the labels are blatant about their disregard, the more people become sickened by it.

monkeyrotica said...

Countdown to Ecstasy.

Send lawyers, guns, and money. The s**t has hit the fan.

Now you can tell your kids where you were when the record companies died.

TFO said...

yes music will one day belong to artists and their audience. i hope i live to see it. probably i will unless, God forbid, i die in the next year or so.