Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Band Who Understands

Poster Children are another group of intelligent musicians who are committed to music, and who know that the Industry doesn't care. They have their own label now and are doing exactly what every band/artists should do with their careers: managing it themselves. They tour, record, post songs for download, and do all the other things necessary to have a successful music career without signing (relinquishing their rights) to a label.

It wasn't always like that for them. They were signed to a major at one point in their career, and they only survived by being smart enough to refuse tour support and other financial trappings that labels try to sneek on to artists' debt. They moved to an Indie in the late 90's and now they are DIY.

Here's an excerpt from their website that tells it like it is:

There’s a lot of nattering about “The Future of Music” but what people are really talking about is “The Future of the Music Business”, and as a music fan and music maker I don’t really care how or if Sony, Time Warner, Rupert Murdoch or Apple will be able to make millions of dollars off of other people’s creativity in the next few years- I’m interested in hearing the next song or band that will make my day. The future of music is what it has always been: the future of music is musicians.

Most of the sounds I’ve loved over the past 20+ years have required some extra effort to find- commercial radio, chain stores and major labels rarely provided anything of interest; it was word of mouth channelled through friends, fanzines, college radio, independent record labels and independent record stores that gave me what I wanted. Now with the web, word of mouth is hyperlinked- it’s easier than ever to find music that is in line with your specific tastes and there’s no reason to spend any time or money supporting the major media companies’ DRM infested business model that benefits neither the creator nor the consumer.

Rock On Poster Children!


aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Poster Children! I haven't heard that name in YEARS! Off to go remember....

TFO said...

yeah to me, Junior Citizen is a modern classic. it's progressive and punk rock at the same time.

Calandra said...
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