Thursday, September 6, 2007

Possible movie version of Genesis album, part 8

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Screenplay draft (part eight)

In the darkness we hear Rael’s thoughts (in song), as he lays unconscious under what he believes to be heaps of stone. The camera tracks slowly through the huge rock pile (All the pumping is nearly over for my sweet heart…..) until finally Rael is seen (the rocks in time compress your blood to oil…). His insides are revealed, showing his slowing circulatory system flowing from red to black. (Anyway they say she comes on a pale horse…) Rael fantasizes that he is standing in a field amid soft, rolling hills watching as a white horse runs toward him. We see from his perspective as the rider is recognized as The Reaper. She stops her horse and slowly points a bony hand to Rael. Rael lifts his own hand and the flesh melts away. The camera tracks his view as he looks up his arm to his shoulder (How wonderful to be so profound when everything you are is dying underground).

Suddenly we see the real Rael, under the rocks, open his eyes in shock of finding himself buried alive. The camera pulls out from his horrified face and back through the rocks. Fade back to The Reaper riding with Rael as passenger, heading for a vast cliff drop. The horse maintains a full gallop as they come closer to the edge. As they take air in the fall the shot changes to slow motion (The music fades with the piano arpeggios leading to the third verse).

A doorbell rings, after which Rael hears a female voice. “Good Morning Rael. So sorry you had to wait. It won’t be long. She’s very rarely late.” After a moment of silence, he sees a vague shape coming toward him. As it gets closer, it doesn’t become any more focused, just vaguely human in form. It reaches out it’s hand, which holds a canister. The canister is in focus. The other hand reaches toward the canister and opens it from the top. A small puff is heard and then darkness comes again.

Rael gains consciousness to find that the rocks are all around him, but he is indeed curiously not buried beneath them. He notices an unusual scent, and at first is overcome with it. After a moment, he breathes it in like a bouquet of flowers. He struggles to climb the rocks and uses the scent as a guide. At the top of a heap he finds an opening. He moves a few rocks to clear a way for his exit.

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