Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Possible movie version of Genesis album, part 7

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Screenplay draft (part seven)

The din of the chamber crowd fades in with the camera shot. Rael walks out of the crowd and notices a pale middle aged woman dressed all in white sitting by the wall. He walks up to her and she smiles up at him with glazed, hollow eyes. “I’ve been waiting for you Rael. I’m Lilith. Can you help me through crowd?” He pauses a moment and then helps her to her feet, saying, “What’s the use a guide if you got nowhere to go?” As they make their way through people around them begin to get angry for no apparent reason. Through the noise, the woman says, “I’ve got somewhere to go. If you take me through the noise, I’ll show you. I’m a creature of the caves, and I follow the way the breezes blow”. Lilith makes toward a door that other people are also entering, but once inside there are no traces of them. (The strains of the end of “Lillywhite Lilith” fade in).

The door leads them in to darkness. Rael is immediately disoriented, but keeps a firm hold on the woman’s arm as she confidently marches him through a lightless tunnel. They enter a small cave, on the floor of which are several large boulders. The woman leads him to one of the “thrones” and seats him on it. Rael still can’t see in the darkness. She says softly, “Rael, sit here. They’ll come for you soon. Don't be afraid.” And with that she’s gone.

Rael sits facing his fear again, his eyes adjusting to the darkness, and begins to hear faint noises. The noises get louder as if whatever is making them is coming closer. A distinct whirring sound is heard above all else. The whirring is intermittent and in different pitches, almost like a melody. Then he hears deep booming sounds and low hums and moans. The whirring reaches it’s loudest as something glowing approaches. Suddenly a blinding light enters the cave and Rael falls to his knees and tries to crawl from the light, being of no more use to him than the blinding dark. The noise is deafening and the light painful to his eyes, so Rael feels around for a rock, finds one of suitable size, and hurls it in the direction of the sound. He hears breaking glass and then opens his eyes to find the blinding light gone, and the darkness now a mere dimness; he can see again. And what he sees are two golden globes floating past him. They continue on out another tunnel on the opposite side from where they had entered.

The darkness consumes him once more and slowly things become quiet again. After a few moments of silence, Rael stands up, still frightened, and makes toward where he thinks the globes went. He hears glass above him start to crack. The cave ceiling falls in and he quickly jumps between the boulders as the rocks begin covering him. The rocks keep falling, completely filling the cave chamber. Rael is trapped again. Fade to Black

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