Sunday, September 2, 2007

Possible movie version of Genesis album, part 6

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Screenplay draft (part six)

Rael comes out of the darkness at the top of the Staircase to find a large round chamber packed with hundreds of people rushing about through many doors. After surveying the scene for a moment, he steps in to the chamber and begins to cut through the people toward one of the doors.

He enters a vast featureless room. Despite entering with many other people, the room is empty except for a well dressed businessman who stands before Rael. He’s rude and impatient, and pushes past Rael on his way out wearing a scowl. Then Rael notices that behind him there’s a poor, working class man in dirty, tattered clothes. The man approaches, tips his hat, says a few kind words, and exits.

Rael follows the poor man back in to the chamber, and does his best not to lose him in the crowd. (“But down here I’m so alone with my fear”) But alas, Rael loses site of the man, and stands defeated in the crush of bodies. He eyes the other doors, chooses one and starts toward it. Some of the people around him are calling his name out, and this confuses him. He finds a door and makes toward it.

He enters another vast, empty room and finds himself standing between his own mother and father. They’re smiling at Rael, and pointing in a direction further in to the room. He knows it can’t really be his parents, and he regards them as apparitions. He looks to where they point, and takes a few steps forward, but he can’t see anything in the distances of the room. It seems as if the walls just fade to a featureless dimness. He looks back to find his parents gone, and instead sees his brother walking out the door.

So he runs once again back in to the chamber (“There’s no need to sell if you’re homeward bound”). He trudges through the crowd, trying to keep sight of John. (“But back inside this chamber of so many doors”) Camera shot dollies slowly back and up revealing the vastness of the chamber, and Rael, standing amidst the crowd, gets smaller and smaller. (“Take me away”) Fade to black.

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