Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Morning at the National Zoo

We arrived about 9:30 am and, over the course of 3 hours, saw Cheetahs (one of them got a dead rabbit to eat for a treat), Pandas (just caught sight before they were taken in for breakfast), lionesses (very interested in a duck mom and chicks swimming in their habitat), a lone Tiger (chillin in his shady spot), and an Orangutan (who we later saw navigating the rope bridge 4 or so stories up, and which goes across the pedestrian paths).

After the Zoo, it was lunch at Subway in north DC on Connecticut Ave, quick shopping for a toy at a fabulous local-owned Toy Shop (forgot the name unfortunately), home for a movie (The new Muppet Movie), then playing with the neighbors and a hot dog dinner outside in today's beautiful College Park weather.

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