Thursday, April 5, 2012

A fun alternative

It took a bus and a Zipcar to get us to the Fairland Gymnastics Center so the kids could jump on a trampoline for their Open Gym hour. However the Center forgot to tell me it is only for kids 6 and under. I was finally informed, after I paid admission for them, by the Gym instructor - so that way the kids are already excited, actually seeing the place with all the fun equipment and other kids playing. Then they could only refund my money by check, which takes 2-3 weeks - what, are they investing my $10, and refunded it when their dividends pay?
Well, we made the best of things and the kids played outdoors, on the enormous playground near the main building. After that I treated the kids to donuts from Rawlins Bakery in Beltsville. mmmmmm!

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