Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Obama O-bombed-a on MySpace

I stumbled on this piece by a Florida Journalism graduate student while roaming the blogoshere:

"Below is my correspondence with the Barack Obama campaign from my account. I saw a story on CNN about how Obama took over Joe Anthony's Obama MySpace page. Initially, it was a move so that the candidate could control the information posted. As CNN reported it, the two parties couldn't agree on compensating Anthony for his work and the campaign officially took over the site. I've got some GRAVE concerns about this move and Freedom of Speech. "



Cher said...

Thanks for linking to me Todd.

I think it's important for bloggers to check in on stories and issues like Obama taking over Joe Anthony's MySpace page. In a way, it's fulfilling our role.

If you think about it, bloggers have proven valuable watchdogs for the press and our government. We learned that back when bloggers pushed the issue on racial comments made by former House Speaker Trent Lott. The bloggers pushed that story onto the agenda of the mainstream media.

So, I guess one the questions here is why hasn't Obama paid attention to that lesson, too?

Thanks for reading.

TFO said...

Well said, Cher. The internet has the potential to give people power. Politicians are, and are going to be, very afraid of that fact, and will be pulling every trick they know to take it away.
Should be interesting.