Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ethynol and all

I have been thinking about getting a vehicle with better fuel economy, and hopefully one better for the ecology too. I do a fair amount of driving for my job so it makes sense. I want to wait until i find just the right car because i can't afford to make the wrong choice, as it were.

The other week i was at a gas station and the young man next to me pumping gas was very friendly and we started a casual conversation which eventually turned in topic to rising gas prices. He told me about a guy he knew who had a car with an ethynol burning engine. I believe he said the guy built the engine himself. And he said his friend got all of his "fuel" from fast food restaurants with which he had made a deal to remove some of their waste for them. It seems when they were all done making french fries and chicken nuggets, this guy would take huge vats of oil (corn oil, i guess) off their hands, thus getting all of his fuel for free while saving them the trouble of otherwise disposing of it.

I didn't know whether this was a tall tale or not, but seeing as there are so many fast food restaurants, it sure would make sense to market such an engine, if indeed it is feasable. Perhaps McDonald's will help start a new industry: a new automobile line with engines that run completely on ethynol, a line of gas stations -complete with mini-markets and McDonald's- to sell the new fuel, and a few factories throughout the nation (world?) to distribute french fry grease to the stations after, i would guess, a certain amount of filtering. The engines probably couldn't tolerate the french fry and chicken nugget sediment in the oil.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


Kelly O said...

How crazy would that be if cars ran on old fast-food oil?

TFO said...

it'd be crazy enough to destroy the foreign oil dependent economy we live in huh? what a shame that would be.