Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time Warp

Me and the motorcycle I bought when I was 17 and sold to my friend
Bill, who passed away a little over a year ago, when I was 19. He kept
it all these many years. The red one is another RD250 that Bill's
widow let me have to make my trip out there more worthwhile.


Nylonthread said...

Whoa, check out those rides! Are you considering participating in the DC101 biker bash?

Yeah, I sometimes listen to Elliot in the morning & it was all that he was talking about this a.m. I didn't think I knew anyone with a motorcycle... All proceeds go to a great cause.

TFO said...

Ah i wish i could do something like that, but these rides won't be fixed up any time soon - I'm too busy trying to get through school right now.