Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stumpjumper Gas Cruncher

In the gas crunch of the late oughts this has been getting a lot of workout (finally). My brother Chris built this bike for me and gave it to me for a Christmas present back in the early 90s. Over the many years since I have ridden it far less than I would have liked. I just never made a lifestyle for myself that gave priority to riding (or very much exersize of any kind really).

Now I ride my bike almost every day. It's my main source of transportation to and from school at the University of Maryland, and will be for the next 3 years or so....in good weather. I'm not as "burly" as my older bro, who lived in Flagstaff, AZ for many years, and for whom biking was his main transportation. Snow, blizzards, rain, or just plain cold, windy days didn't stop him from his appointed rounds.

Thanks again for the wonderful gift Chris.


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Chris said...

Ah yes, the simpler times when gas was a buck and we still hammered our bikes to and fro...that old Stumpjumper is an iconic classic rigid (no shocks) mountain bike design spanning decades. Thanks for the kudos Todd, Cycling is such a versatile sport, keep the rubber side down. Love Chris...and we love the pix of the kiddies on threes, too.