Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's been keeping me away from blogging?

Hitting the books, that's what. I'm back in school, full time. Last time I did that was 1989-1991. For this summer, I'm doing just Math trying to get to Calculus level by the fall semester when I'll (hopefully) be enrolled in Calculus 140, Chemistry 131/132, and Environmental Geology with a lab.

It's pretty weird being in school at my age surrounded by late teeners and early tweeners, but I have met a few nice students, and a couple of nice Teaching Assistants. The work load is heavy, but it'll only get worse in the Fall, so i have to pace myself and get used to it.

I may not blog again for months...we'll see.


Kelly O said...

You're doing great, baby. I'm so, so proud of you, and so grateful for the sacrifices you're making for the family!

TFO said...

Thanks my dear! No sacrifice, just good honest work...like in Steinbeck novels!

A N D R E A said...

Hang in there!! You are the man!!