Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dubious moment at the birthday party

She's probably only looking dubious because i was taking a picture of her. When she feels it she can eat up the camera, but when she wants to portray a different kind of mood, my daughter can score a look in micro-seconds. I really hope this talent in front of a camera doesn't lead to a career in modelling in years to come.

The birthday party she attended was at a Gymnastic Center and the kids were able to get acquainted with the various features like the trampoline, the obstacle course, balance beams (low to the ground), and a giant rope (for them swung on instead of climbed). And the finale was a short romp in the giant pit of foam. Needless to say it was a blast for all the kids.

Then they had pizza, a Princess Castle pinata full of candy, cake, and all was rounded out by a nice goody bag. The birthday girl, Thalia, just turned 4 and goes to Thea's daycare. Also present were friends Sakeena, Jaela, and Sachi among others.

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heather said...

what a cutie! & her hair's gotten so long!