Friday, December 14, 2007

Heaventree Records

My vanity label will be launching it's first official CD release soon. I've been working with my good friend Bob Crain to finish the mastering within the last few months, and now I am on the eve of sending the master disc and associated paperwork off to Furnace Manufacturing for duplication. I am doing the cover art and printing in-house, as they say, with valuable technical assistance from my wife.

The first release is a re-mastered version of a former tape-only release from 1988 called More or Less. Most of the tracks were written and performed by Bob, but i compiled them all and came up with the track order. For the CD version I found a few bonus tracks which were recorded around the same time.

Originally the tape release was attributed merely to Todd and Bob, as were other of our winter holiday tapes given as gifts to our friends. But for the CD i decided to attribute it to Wavestar Motion Fabric Dudes. And there will be more Wavestar MFD's CDs in the coming years, in addition to CDs of all of my other bands' music: Adulterous Woman, Fine Science, Unola, The Meat Joy, The Obsessives, and Moloko Plus.

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