Friday, August 31, 2007

Possible movie version of Genesis album, part 4

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Screenplay draft (part four)

Camera fades in to Rael waking up to find himself in a Subway Station. He is drowsy and disoriented with his surroundings at first. He makes his way to the stairs and up and out of the station, in to the light of morning New York City rush hour. He passes one of his spray can tags reading “Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid” on the way out. As the city noises flood to his ears, he smiles and realizes that his bizarre dream is over.

Cut to Rael in his room, his sisters playing noisily in another part of the apartment. He sits pondering the experience of the morning. He falls asleep.

Rael wakes again to the sound of his mother calling everyone to dinner. Cut to the table where he sits with the din of his siblings. Rael is still lost in his musings, distracted and depressed. His mother is upset, distant and quiet. Camera stays on Rael. Thinking his mother is worried about him, says “I’m all right, Ma…..Don’t worry, okay?” He reaches out to her and caresses the side of her head. His mother looks momentarily confused, but shrugs it off.

Cut to Rael walking at dusk. A voice calls from down the street. He turns to see his gang running with nervous energy. Rael’s mood is reserved, glad to be home but not necessarily glad to start back in to his old life. A friend appears beside him and asks casually, “Where were you, man?” After a pause, Rael answers simply, “On Broadway”. They continue walking and watch his gang enter an empty lot.

Cut to a building that the gang is about to Tag. They’re shaking their Spray-paint cans and boisterously chatting. In the background a boombox plays “Back In NYC”. Suddenly a rival gang appears in a car, and they jump out and approach ready to fight (instrumental version of “Back in NYC” bursts in).

Rael’s gang walks all over the rivals, each member brutally punching them until they fall and don’t get up again. Several onlookers are horrified and some run for help. The rival gang defeated, their driver peels out and drives off. Rael’s gang victorious, they raise their voices in celebration and run for it as sirens are heard approaching.

Rael leaves his friend and begins his walk home. As he continues on he seems unaware that he is cuddling a sleeping porcupine in his arms (cue “Hairless Heart”).

Cut to Rael sleeping. He dreams that his heart is removed, then shaved clean, and replaced back inside his chest. He wakes up suddenly, and then clutches at his chest, seemingly relieved to still feel a beating heart. He rolls out of bed and takes to the late night streets once again.

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