Monday, July 2, 2007

Rape is Always Wrong

A friend of mine recently confided in me that she had been raped as a teenager. I was so horrified, as would be any sensitive and caring person. My mother was raped, too, in the early 80's. The sick and demented excuse for a human who did it kidnapped her and held her in his house for hours before finally allowing her to leave. The fact that she wasn't also murdered is pretty amazing. The guy was caught, and eventually sentenced to a mere 10 years in prison.

That rape exists makes me embarrased to be male.

Rape laws in the US are not strict enough. For most cases, sentencing times are left up to the jurisdiction, and for some there is a federal limit to how many years one can be sentenced.

Rape is always wrong. One cannot justify an act of rape. Murder can be justified in some cases (certain self-defense scenarios etc), but never rape. Rape is the most heinous crime this side of brutal torture resulting in death. It's worse than aggravated battery, and it's as bad as premeditated murder. That this is not reflected in the sentencing of cases is a crime in and of itself. There ought to be higher minimum sentencing times set for all cases of rape. 20 years should be where it starts, instead of being the maximum for some cases.


Kelly O said...

Word. (*swak*)

monkeyrotica said...

Actually, the USA isn't that far from Sudan where rape VICTIMS get 100 lashes or are stoned to death for having sex outside marriage. Gotta wonder who cooks up these laws. Oh yeah, guys who usually don't get raped.