Thursday, March 8, 2007

MySpace is LameSpace

Since it's still International Women's day i want to take a moment to point out how crappy it was that harassed Tacoma, Washington resident Melissa Rocks when she posted pictures of herself breastfeeding her son on her page. MySpace is quite well known as a place where teenagers can go to post sexy pictures and racy text for each other to look at and read. The moderators of the site don't seem overly concerned when porn sites use it to "network" with the MySpace users. I frequently got invitations (via messages at my page) to come and see young women on their sex-cams. I have a hard time believing that MySpace doesn't know it's going on too.

So why then are they giving this woman a hard time when she is using MySpace to network with a community of breastfeeding Moms? These Moms aren't asking anyone to come and see their pictures, except those who are interested. If someone doesn't want to see her page, then they shouldn't go there.

I saw the picture in question in an article about the scandal, and it is not very revealing. You can't really see anything that can be described as sexy. It's simply a picture of her boy breastfeeding with his hand on one side of her breast. She has her top on, and only a faint hint of her areola is showing near the boy's mouth.

Breastfeeding is a completely natural way for mothers to bond with their children while at the same time giving them sustenance. It is very healthy for young babies and recommended for at least the first year of a child's life. It is also very difficult at times for the mother, and so many moms like to have a community of like-minded moms to talk with and share ideas and support.

I still have a MySpace page for my band The Meat Joy because it is a very good way of networking with fans and other bands. But i shut down the personal page i had after hearing about this scandal. MySpace has become a much more lame-space. As others have said since this story broke, "Grow up!"

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